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The Leading Venture Platform for Digital Assets

VNOC is a powerful platform and network using advanced technology- URL's, new business models (eCorp) and connected networks (Contrib) to build, manage and monetize digital assets. Bring Value into the Network, Get Circular Value out.. Join the awesome Curated Network of Professionals and Digital Asset Owners.

Top Domain Monetization platform

Our Ventures

top domain monetization platform

FOR EVERY Talented Individual

Pushing people to contribute on a wide range of global brands.

With Contrib, we let the crowd have a say by pushing ideas to the network, which then gets supported upon by the whole community. You can join and apply for a position in a team or work with eServices tasks for Equity Points. You can partner with a brand or simply follow its progress.

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top domain monetization platform


The Brand Builder

Our simple brand builder allows brand and co-owners to quickly turn a $9 domain to a full fledged business through a series of custom and default frameworks straight from the developers network.

Data Management

Brand Data in the Cloud

Every brands control panel is in the cloud.
Everything that is important to our brand
is secured in our own cloud servers.

Network Apps

All relevant internal apps
can be installed
on a brand as is.


Google analytics and Piwik stats are flexibly
integrated in all our
brands and frameworks.

General Features

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Who are we?

Contrib was created out of necessity to build, manage and monetize thousands of premium Urls acquired over the 18 years of its parent company, GV, llc. Premium assets such as,, Linked and others were losing opportunity value so we build a model and technology to leverage the opportunities and offer it to our visitors.


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